Road trip to Geraldton 

A couple of months ago my friends and I were racking our brains trying to think of somewhere to go for Easter. Having 4 days off meant we could go somewhere a bit further and have some extra time to explore. We’ve done Down South a lot so now was the opportunity to head North. My friend a Bec suggested Sunset Beach Holiday Park. It’s 5 minutes out of Geraldton and right on the beach.


We took off on Good Friday at 8am-ish (I held us up, this time I was struggling to find my camera lens cover). The first stop along the way was the Pinnacles. They are a natural wonder located in Cervantes, tall pointy limestone structures that formed in the last Ice Age 500,000 years ago. It a national park so you pay $11 per car to get in which covers the upkeep. We did the 45 minute walk first. There are little claw signs to follow that show you which way to go. Afterwards you can do the 5 minute drive trail which takes you through a different area.




After all that scenery we had built up a hunger and decided it was time to checkout the famous “Lobster Shack” about 20 minutes away in Cervantes. They have a small menu but do it well. The menu is pretty much just fish or Crayfish, but I guess that’s what you go for. There was about a half an hour wait, understandable on Good Friday and with all the tour buses that make a stop there. Bec got the Fried Spanish Mackeral with chips and Coleslaw for $20 and Thanya and I got the Half small chargrilled crayfish with chips and coleslaw for $33. The menu said it had garlic hitter but I didn’t get any hints of that. It was very delicious though, really sweet. If I went again I’d probably get the medium size but I polished off the chips and was full to the brim. Bec said the Mackarel was scrumptious, a nice light batter that went beautifully with a fresh wedge of lemon.


We checked into our accomodation that afternoon and Bec made us some delicious ‘Fluffy Bunnies’. A thick chocolate milkshake with malt served in a Chocolate Bunny. Indulgent but worth every calorie. The Holiday Park had put on Fish and Chips but we couldn’t fathom eating any more everything  we’d had that day.


Saturday began with some Coffee at the Beached Barrel, a quirky coffee and treat shop on the Geraldton foreshore. The old Skreets building has been turned into a pop up shop so we strolled around that and checked out the books, antiques and second hand bookstore.


I saw on the ‘Everything  Geraldton’ site they had a Farmers Market in Maitland Park. It was pretty small, perhaps due to everyone being away for the holidays. You could pick up some fresh eggs and honey, a couple of vegetables or some needlework. We had a stroll around the foreshore and the shops before consulting Zomato for a good lunch spot. We settled on Cafe Fleur a cute place with a big selection of teas and a tasty lunch menu. I had the Eggplant and Haloumi Salad for $22, it was very healthy and fresh with a yummy dollop of hummus. Thanya had the Steak Stack, topped with bacon and egg and some delish tomato relish. Bec had the Chicken stack, also on sourdough with some Mango relish and a zesty coleslaw.


That afternoon I finally checked out Sunset Beach. It was pretty but a very high tide and more kitesurfing than swimming conditions.


For dinner we went out to the Freemason’s hotel in the centre of town.Its a beautiful old pub with some lively bartenders. It didn’t seem that busy but most tables were taken and there was an hour wait for food. Bec and I had the fish off the day which was Spanish Mackarel grilled in butter with salad and chips for $30. A tad on the overcooked side but we polished it off. Thanya had Mussels in a Spanish Chilli sauce for $22 served with Turkish bread. I loved the sauce and helped her finish off the Turkish bread. The chocolate pudding was tempting for $10 but I decided on a cocktail instead. Thanya and I shared a carafe off the ‘Sex on the Beach’  for $25 it was very fruity and not heavy on the alchohol. About 9pm some live music started and later you had the opportunity to sing some karaoke.


We decided to check out some more Geraldton nightlife and walked past The Provincial Wine Bar which looked like it had a good vibe going. We kept going and checked out the Geraldton Hotel.The inside bar had a skimpy so we headed to the outside bar where there was a heavy rock band called ‘Third gear’, there was a range of ages there but mainly a young crowd (much younger than me) so at 1030pm we called it a night.

Sunday was an early start as there were lots of Kalbarri sights to see and it is an hour and a half drive from Geraldton. We started off at the Pink Lakes  which are just over an hour north of Geraldton and just after  the turn off for Kalbarri a national park. They are a very pretty spot and keep an eye out for the words Pink Lake written in salt on the lake.


Next it was time to speed off to Natures Window. We got there just before 12 and it was already difficult to get a park. It’s a 500m walk to the window or you can continue and walk the loop which is 3-5 hours. We decided on the window and a little bit extra which is a good idea as there are some beautiful extra cliff faces just further on.


Despite only a mini trek we were all hungry and thirsty set off back to Kalbarri town to get a feed. There weren’t many places to choose from so we let Trip Advisor pick our destination and ended up at Angie’s Cafe. Don’t go if your after something fancy! It is a down to earth eatery catering to the dine in and take away crowd with burgers, chips, fried chicken, quiches and the like.


Next it was time to check out the expanse of coast line that Kalbarri has to offer. Each look out had something stunning and different to see. We checked out Mushroom Rock, Rainbow Valley, Pot Alley, Eagle Gorge, Shellhouse Grandstand, Island Rock and the Natural Bridge. There is a path connecting all of them but after a hectic morning we opted to drive between them all and use our energy for the walk down to Eagle Gorge Beach.


That night an early one was had as all that exploring and chocolate bunny eating had all of us spent.

On Monday it was sadly time to depart our cute holiday home and start the trek back to Perth. To start with we visited the HMAS Sydney memorial on the advice of my Mum and a lady at the Farmers market. It was definitely worth seeing and has a great view of the town of Geraldton.


To cut the journey into two we stopped in at Lancelin to have a pub feed at the Endeavour tavern. As always it was a great feed and excellent portion sizes. I went for the acclaimed Steak Sandwich, Bec had a gigantic plate of Nachos from the ‘light menu’ and Thanya ordered the Snapper with Garlic Prawns. Our last meal before reality hit and we were back to Perth for a night at home before back to our day jobs so we can save for our next trip!