Mandurah Crab Fest 2017 

The Crab Fest is Mandurahs biggest weekend and has been going for years. I can remember going way back when I was 13 and I’ve loved seeing how it has evolved over the years. In earlier years it was a chance to go on rides and get some junk food! This year the highlights for me were the street food, the art and the live music. I was a bit concerned with the overcast day that they might struggle to get a good turnout but it was packed, perhaps a bit too much for my slightly hungover brain, the Crab Fest coincided with St Patrick’s day! The performing arts was a good retreat from the bustle and showcased some amazing local art that you can purchase. 

The stalls wrapped right around from the performing arts down to the end of the foreshore, almost a 2 kilometre stretch. There were lots of artists going work ‘en plain air’, it was cool to see works in progress and also an opportunity to pick up some affordable local art.

There were heaps of specials on with local businesses including a $10 cruise.

Food options were endless with about 50 food stalls as well as local restaurants having crab specials. We ended up deciding on the crab arancini and crab quesadilla from The Spanish Quesadilla. So incredibly tasty and freshly made to order.

There was heaps of stuff for kids including this bubble area, super cute! 

For the adults there were live cooking demonstrations, beer gardens and live music. Crab Fest is an awesome day out and free to go to, definately worth putting in your calendar for next year.


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