Paddle Boarding at Palm Beach

One of my most exciting Christmas presents this year was a Paddle Boarding session. My colleague Darren said it was very celebrity of me. I thought it was a great idea, my friends are mostly of the age and wage that if something is important for us we can buy it ourselves. I think it’s nice to get people a present you can do together and stay fit at the same time. I’ve heard people say it looks hard, but it’s pretty much standing and paddling.  The boards are so sturdy you usually only manage to fall off if your not standing in the middle of the board or you’re trying to do yoga (guilty!).

It was a stunning and sunny Sunday and we headed down to Palm Beach. Palm beach is one of Rockinghams beaches, just south of the main foreshore strip and a 40 minute drive from Perth City. We chose the 11am session on Sunday (just in case any of us were under the weather) which was good as there was just a slight amount of wind. If your Paddling Boarding in the Rockingham/Fremantle area I would remember the sea breeze and the later you go the more of a workout you’re going to get! We went with Wasup Boards which was $25 for an hour hire. We mentioned we had paddle boarded before but got a quick refresher lesson. Basically stand with your feet either side of the hand grip. Have the handle of your oar about hip height and make sure the bottom is submerged into the water so you’re pushing through with each stroke. If you want to turn around paddle backwards or stroke further away from the board in a half circle motion.

Previous times I have been for an hour but this time we had 2 and it was nice to take our time and raft up to a buoy for a quick float in between paddling up and down the beach. I would really recommend it as a weekend activity to enjoy the beach, sun and workout with your friends without really noticing you’re exercising.

Palm Beach


Getting excited to try out Wasup Paddle Boards. One of us is sunsmart!




That’s me out there!


Close up so you believe me, the hat fell off mid yoga pose

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