Falls Festival: Freo 

I’d always wanted to to Falls Festival. Ever since I was old enough to follow which festivals were on it always seemed to have in my opinion the best line up of local and international acts. Perhaps I was their target audience given I love the soulful, alternative and rock bands that tend to play. I always envied my friends flying over to Byron Bay to camp and see acts such as Bloc Party, SBTRKT, the Cat Empire and 2 Door Cinema club in the pasta. Luckily for me they decided to come to my state, a leisurely train ride away in Fremantle.

As you can see below it was smack bang on the streets literally blocking of various businesses or connecting them into the festival. It certainly would have boosted tourism that weekend with 14,000 people drifting in and out of the confines.

Walking in

Tickets were $250 which was a big chunk of the pay check but pretty regular for festivals these days. Being the fiscally responsible responsible person I am there were a few predrinks before hand at my friend Michaels house and  maybe a sneaky roadie on the way.

A beforehand beverage

At 28 I almost feel like I’m getting on as far as festival goers go and I had to survive two days so we arrived at 3pm knowing that we would be there til 11pm. The age range on the first day was definately on the youthful side with the age range predominantly the 18-25 year old set with smatterings of people in their 30s and 40s. The stand out fashion seemed to be to wear tiny pieces of underwear and then a sheer dress over the top. This was rocked by about 1 in 20 girls. The fashion was ridiculous, I was loving it and it made for incredible people watching. Everyone seemed to be showing off their bodies, their brightly coloured clothes or their glitter covered faces with pride.

Some of the women’s fashion

We got there just in time for Aluna George. I’m loving the duos catchy pop synth vibe that seems to perfectly tread the line between dance and chill out music. Their song ‘I Remember’ is getting a lot of airtime at the moment and I can see why with its cute lyrics about wanting to go back to that incredible time when you first meet someone when that feeling is so far gone. Next up was Golden Features who I was super excited to see given how much I have been listening to Wolfie featuring Julia Stone, such a hypnotic tune! People often talk about the merits of seeing a DJ live but personally I think there’s nothing like being right there and dancing with thousands of people with the person who produced it. I have no idea how he lasted that long in the heat with his gold mask!

There was a mid Festival alchoholic outing to Sandrino. I like to think of this as good economics as it was a bit cheaper than Festival prices. I haven’t been to Sandrino in forever and it was nice to see that their Italian Sausage pizza was just as delicious. The saltiness of this was balanced with the sweetness of tomato and eggplant and the feta gave it a rich creaminess. The crab linguine was also super tasty with rich garlic and tomato sauce.

Sneaky Pizza and wine outing

Last up on Saturday night was  Violent Soho. As per usual they were astounding. They know how to put on a show and have the whole crowd rocking out. Their last song was ‘Covered in Chrome’, everyone was singing along at the top of their longs and the vibe was electric. Certainly finished the last day on a high!

All the decorations looked pretty spectacular at night

Sunday had a very different vibe to it. The crowed seemed a tad older, mostly people in their 30s and it felt like an amped up Sunday sesh. I got there just after 3 again and in time for Jamie T. Considering how much my 18 year old self listened to ‘Sheila’ I was a little excited. The rest of the crowd seemed to know the lyrics too so I think the Cockney poet has quite a following in WA too!

Dancing to Jamie T

The standout on Sunday for me was Broods. The strong ethereal voice of the singer Georgia Nott was just as beautiful in person and there was nothing like hearing it under the dark starlit sky. 

I thoroughly enjoyed Falls. It was nice to return to the Music and community based focus instead of the sweaty, boozey danced fests I did enjoy a long time ago. As well as the main stages there was an Old Time Music hall where you could escape from the myriads of people for a spot of jazz. There was also the Church of Heavenly Delights where you could see comedy acts including Joel Creasey and The Big Hoo Ha. Falls has had some bad press in other states but in Freo I definately think they achieved an eclectic chilled out vibe.

Quieter times at the Old Time Music Hall

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