New Years Eve: The Aviary 

This year was a tough one to choose in Perth, every venue seemed to have an intriguing theme and there was something for the champagne or the goon bag budget. Last years celebration was at The Stables. It had been great to move around the different areas of the venue (the dance floor and somewhere to recap on the dance floor antics). They had canapés all night and one free drink included with the ticket. The ticket price was an affordable $60 so you could have an extensive predrink at home and have a cheap and cheerful night. 

This year we decided a drinks and food package would take our fancy and we invested $145 in our New Years plans. The venue opened at 6pm and we got there at 8pm which is coincidentally when the drinks tab began. 

The effort they had put into transforming the venue paid off. On the bottom level where the restaurant normally is they had removed the tables and turned the centre bar into a massive Espresso Bar. They served other things but the Espresso Martinis were the Piece De Resistance. They had a rich coffee flavour offset with a Caramel tones. They were so delicious I could have drunk them all not. Luckily Thanya is quite the social butterfly (especially with a couple of drinks under her belt) and managed to befriend some gentleman who weren’t going to use their voucher so we had a couple more complimentary cocktails. 

Also on this level were 2 booths equipped with phone chargers which I’m sure were helpful for many people securing after parties or similar. There was a dig made that I would probably visit the booth but since upgrading to the IPhone 7 I’m alright! 

On the other side were 2 food stations. One a ‘three cheese toastie’ grilling station and the other a Po Boy sandwich bar. The toastie was delicious and rich with a hint of spicy mustard and a buttery sourdough exterior. The Po Boy spicy and fresh tasting.

Last and probably least (hehe) was the Flower posing wall. Perhaps my expectations were high but I had imagined a Fox and Rabbit-esque garland and it was more of a 70s budget wedding look, sorry Aviary 😉


Upstairs was a Pimp your Pimms bar which was super cute and had heaps of fresh fruit including Watermelon, Strawberry, orange as well as Mint and Rosemary. It was nice to have something refreshing and low in alchohol ensure dignity was maintained for the whole night. Tucked in the corner there was hiding a doughnut station which I hear was lovely and had a large selection of Krispy Kreme style treats. 

The feature upstairs was definately the dance floor. This was pumping all night and played some real bangas. Everyone was in merry New Years spirits and we made many friends. The first being Frankie a guy from the East Coast who had flown over to visit family and decided to risk it, buy a ticket and ride solo for the night. He advised us we were his new best friends and a refreshing break from the cliquey Perth set he had encountered. As swiftly as we were friends we weren’t friends and he was off to schmooze another set of ladies in his quest. I can’t remember the names of our other new friends but they all gave us a big laugh. 

After visiting all the pop up bars a few times we danced, shouted the count down and left when it shut at the dignified hour of 1am. Looking around it looked like there were many new budding romantics not wanting to peel themselves off each other. 

I’m sure you’re all wondering how I pulled up and the answer is id give my head a 7 out of 10, probably the best I’ve felt on New Years Day since I was 15. I felt so good the girls and I trotted off to IKEA for their $1 breakfast. I didn’t expect much but it was actually delicious and the crispy short but bacon and hash brown restored me to a 9/10. Apparently it is $2 every Saturday. Would recommend, it may become a thing! 


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