The Petition: Beer Corner – with an extra drink at Henry’s Rooftop


Exterior of Como: The Treasury building



What better to do after a Saturday night where you discovered how to make Espresso Martinis than continue drinking. I decided to deal with my hangover in a classy way and meet two of my friends at The Petition: Beer Corner. This place is definitely a foolproof place to meet with your friends. If they’re not beer drinks there’s a wine bar. If you get hungry there’s bar food or you can head over to the other restaurants in the vicinity. Kristian had been the instigator of the venue, having scoured the Internet for the most insta-worthy place for lunch. He had found their post of a Gin and Tonic teamed up with Prawns, Chilli, Pepper and lemon and his heart was set. We got there about 1:30pm on Sunday and there was a steady but small trickle of people. As usual the service was impeccable. Previously I haven’t been able to decide on a beer and the bartender has been happy to describe them in more detail/let me have a little try before I buy. I can’t tell you what the beers are like because I’m in the love with the ‘Street beer’. It’s smooth, refreshing and

The Bar



has just enough beery taste (is that a girly way to describe beer?!). They have a plethora of choice, there’s 18 beers just on tap and a choice of three size so every beer preference is accounted for. I was also game enough to ask for a Gin and Soda but they only serve Gin and Tonic (it’s on tap). They did suggest I could head over the wine bar if I really wanted one. Hoping to create the same delectable Insta photo we ordered the prawns. In our quest we didn’t really consider if we wanted to eat them. They were yummy, crispy and the smaller kind that you eat whole. I’m a bit squeamish about eating the whole body so I managed about 3. The standout was the ceviche served in a delicate shell that made it finger food and piled with avocado and lime juice to compliment the white fish. We also had the chorizo which was



really tasty and flavoursome and not too oily. After this we moved onto wine trying the Spanish wine, a 2014 Maetierra ‘Atlantis’. It was an Albariño variety which I haven’t heard off but I’d describe it as a light and a similar to a Sauvignon Blanc. Who knows how someone who knows proper terms about wine would describe it though!




In his element



After some wine and conversation the sun was starting to come about so we decided to venture to close by Elizabeth Quay. At the top of the Reveley is Henry’s Bar. They had a really cool duo playing some peppy but relaxing tunes. We took in the awesome view of the harbour and had one last drink to finish off our Sunday Sesh. I had the Destination Shanghai which was yummy and fruity, bright pink and in a Martini glass.



Destination Shanghai

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